Why Letterpress

Letterpress the oldest form of modern printing, dating back to the 1400s with the advent of the printing press. Its legacy is the vehicle that has driven revolutions and started movements through the centuries. It was the reason for humanity’s ability to communicate to the masses on a scale that was, before that time, unimaginable.

Fast forward to today’s use of letterpress. We believe this age-old craft can bring together people not just by the visual expression of the piece but by its tactile nature. The person with a letterpress printed piece in their hands can interact with it, explore its impressed areas, and know they hold something special. Whether it is through the exchanging of business cards or the sending and receiving of social invitations or if it is through simply writing on personal stationery, community grows. A letterpress interaction can set the stage for celebration and healing, for connection and redemption, between those who need it most. It will set you apart from every other printed piece out there. Cut through the noise and be seen.