Who is FWP: Meet our Presses: Omer - New Style Chandler & Price


When we adopted Omer — along with Maude our Old Style Chandler & Price (who is no longer with us - she is with a new owner who loves her dearly)— we were asked by our dear friends we received them from to keep the names. Keeping the names means keeping a particular legacy alive. 

Like Maude, Omer has kept the name given to him by his previous owners. Omer is named after our dear friend’s great grandfather — and like a great grandfather, Omer is solid and well-built for generations of integrity. 

Omer is considered a New Style Chandler & Price press, and he was born 1942. Chandler & Price decided to redesign their Old Style presses in 1918, still maintaining the quality standard that their presses were known for. Omer’s unique characteristics are his plain casted body and heavier construction throughout. The flywheel is straight spoked with a larger, more solid body. He boasts three ink rollers that glide over a 12x18 chase. He is our strong workhorse.